When proper techniques are applied – one usually distinguishes between a ‘mattress technique’ and frequent change technique’ – it is a clean and comfortable, dust-free environment for the horse. It provides soft bedding that is easy on the horse’s anatomy as it stands and rests or lies down. Horses also like to nibble on the clean roughage. If done properly and maintained well, straw bedding provides horses with a physically and mentally comfortable environment. Horses can shuffle it around and create uneven surfaces, which provide mental stimulation and comfort. It is not treated with chemicals, does not give off odors and is easily composted.

BIOSECURITY: ALLFREE is sourced from clean wheat fields and is protected from contamination before and after production in our biosecure facility. ANIMAL HEALTH: ALLFREE reduces animal exposure to harmful dust, mold, salmonella and other pathogenic organisms, improving animal health and comfort. MORE COVERAGE: ALLFREE has more bedding than a standard bag of wood shavings, but at a similar price. CONVENIENCE: ALLFREE is easy to lift, carry, and spread out. Comfort and non slip bedding for livestock.

When hauling down the road to show, or events, our quality AllFree Straw provides deep soft cushion under foot, no dust in the trailer and allows for good quality air during each trip. Infused with essential oils your animals arrive in a Spa Straw Bedding ! Relaxed and ready to work with little grooming required due to a dust free trailed ride.

Construction has its challenges with high environmental Laws and common practises to be followed our straw can be shaped to your project needs. Available to your site and secure with bio degradable plastic netting. Bio degradable material, cost savings and easy to handle. Our dust free straw passes the highest health and safety workplace laws. Providing savings to each project. Various sizes to accommodate the project requirement from small pond to watershed contracts.

Straw's overlapping feature allows it to be used as a strategic cold insulator during the winter. A 2- to 4- inch layer of straw mulch provides an effective barrier from the cold for sensitive tree and shrub roots. This inexpensive landscaping material is commonly used around plants as mulch, rather than decorating a side patio. Straw's structure means it fits easily between tiny plants and seedlings, especially when applied to a vegetable garden. The vegetables have a strong barrier to moisture loss for lush foliage and fruiting.