Some traditions shouldn't change, But in this new age we need new bio security measures. First Response Formula. New Age 1 Step Cleaner & Disinfectant.


First Response Formula is made with accelerated hydrogen peroxide for use as a disinfectant and first-aid wound treatment. A convenient spray bottle allows you to use it on all minor surface wounds. Helps to prevent the spread of disease and infection by killing fungus, bacteria and viruses on any surface. This is the most versatile product for everyone involved in the horse industry.

Sterilize rasps, nippers and hoof knives between horses and stable visits to prevent the spread of infection. Be a biosecurity champion in your field! Knock out thrush and mud fever. First Response Formula is effective in treating most infections of the hoof and lower limbs.

Completely disinfects walls, ceilings, fences, floors and crossties. Sterilizes pitchforks, shovels, door latches and all stable equipment. Cleans buckets, feeders and waterers to prevent communicable infections and algae. Biosecurity at its best! Effectively treats all minor wounds and abrasions to prevent infection and proud flesh.

Keep your horse protected with the most effective and versatile product in your tack locker! Use for topical First Aid treatment, elimination of thrush and other bacterial or fungal infections and reduce the possibility of virus transmission on surfaces and tools. Nothing cleans better or protects as effectively as First Response Formula!

Disinfects trailer walls, floors, hay nets, buckets, cleaning tools and equipment to bring peace of mind to you and the customers you serve. Removes stains from interior and exterior trailer surfaces while preventing the spread of infection. First Response Formula will not bleach fabrics or damage painted surfaces and is non-toxic by WHMIS and OSHA criteria.