Hay quality has an effect on animal health. ALLFREE reduces the risk of respiratory disease that happens with the use of raw hay, improving the condition of your horses.

DUST EXTRACTED: Ideal for animals at risk of respiratory and irritation problems.

SHREDDED: Available shredded or full length. Shredded allows senior animals a full forage diet without the need to chew. No more soaking hay or supplementing with hay pellets or cubes. Competition horses will benefit from dust free feed. Animals requiring forage diet will enjoy quality feed packaged field fresh and delivered to your barn or stable.

CONVENIENT: Packaged hay is easy to lift and carry and it stays dry. A great product to take with you when in transit!

Horses for examples are herbivores by nature. Their entire digestive system is designed to consume and digest pasture and hay. As a result, hay is one of the most important feed products you will give to your horses. However, most hay fed to horses is full of dust and mold, which are the primary causes of respiratory illness in horses (and their caretakers). ALLFREE improves the health of the horses you care for by removing virtually all dust and mold, reducing respiratory illness in your horses. In addition, it is shredded, making it is easier for horses to digest.

ALLFREE sources alfalfa and mixed grasses that are virtually contamination free before and after processing. Our pure alfalfa is great for active horses and our mixed grass with alfalfa is more commonly used for recreational horses. Packaged In  40 pound packs.