When proper techniques are applied – one usually distinguishes between a ‘mattress technique’ and frequent change technique’ – it is a clean and comfortable, dust-free environment for the horse. It provides soft bedding that is easy on the horse’s anatomy as it stands and rests or lies down. Horses also like to nibble on the clean roughage. If done properly and maintained well, straw bedding provides horses with a physically and mentally comfortable environment. Horses can shuffle it around and create uneven surfaces, which provide mental stimulation and comfort. It is not treated with chemicals, does not give off odors and is easily composted.

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Timothy hay is dried versions of timothy grass (P. Pratense), which is thought to have originated on the European continent. Many people who raise horses and cattle find timothy hay to be ideal as part of animal feed. It may be mixed with other ingredients, especially alfalfa and red clover. Certain domestic animals like rabbits and guinea pigs may also enjoy it as well. It is especially noted for a relatively low protein content, low moisture (which can help keep the dried grass from rotting), and high fiber content. Many animal care experts recommend it due to its seeming ease on various animals’ digestive systems and its promotion of bowel regularity. Another reason that timothy hay may be preferable to other forms, especially legume based forms of hay like alfalfa, is because of its low calcium content.

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Did you know that First Response is for more than just horses? Its safe, effective and offers cost savings for grooming, bathing and first aid care. First Response Formula is made with accelerated hydrogen peroxide for use as a disinfectant and first-aid wound treatment.

The first line of defense in the war against microbes. Have the comfort and confidence that commonly touched surfaces and non-critical instruments are rendered safe to use. Provides the best balance of speed of disinfections, spectrum of disinfection effectiveness and cleaning efficacy. The superior product choice for health and safety. The product of choice for BOTH environmental responsibility and exceptional product performance.

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